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Importance of Network Security

The threats to network security and the vulnerabilities to attack, as well as the skills and sophistication of the attackers, are constantly evolving. As companies deploy more complex e-business models, expand their mission-critical networks with new intranet, extranet, and e-commerce applications, and support a growing mobile workforce, network security technologies are increasingly vital in preventing intrusion and theft of company data assets, and in eliminating network security vulnerabilities.


Network Security Facts:

The price of a security breach is high with attacks costing $7 million on average. And that doesn't include damage to brand and loss of customer confidence when corporate or customer information is compromised.

Assuring network security becomes more challenging every year. In the past, network access was limited to PCs. Now users connect with smartphones and PDAs. Each new device is a potential target. And each introduces a new attack vector—an avenue by which attacks can access your network.

Attacks are more sophisticated. Hackers now develop malware that targets operating systems, web browsers and add-ins, applications and any other software that a computer or handheld

device might run. Attacks are launched from distributed "botnets" that turn thousands of PCs into attackers to cripple web sites with denial-of-service attacks.


Risk Mitigation Strategy for Business Data

COE Network Security Services protects your network and the systems connected to it from attack. The security systems we provide keep unauthorized users, devices and content off the network. They detect malicious traffic and alert security managers to suspect activity. They identify and authenticate authorized users and control what they can access. And they filter web content to prevent user access to unauthorized or dangerous web sites.


Business risk remediation program

Network Security Services replaces the disparate security tools and patches that have grown up in your network with a comprehensive, effective network security infrastructure. Then we manage it for you. We keep the system up to date, we ensure that is operating, and we test its effectiveness. That means peace of mind for you, and your customers


Core differentiators

COE Security's network security professionals are helping organization to maintain secure network infrastructure for many organization across different countries. We continually monitor emerging threats and the new tools to assess and protect against them. We are a pure play services vendor, so we bring you the expertise and experience it's difficult to maintain in house.

We provide a comprehensive service, not point tools. And we know how to integrate security into the IT Service Management processes you use to deliver and manage IT services in your business. That means security is not just an add-on; it is an integral part of everything you do in IT.


Project Management Approach:


 "The work we are doing with COE Security in terms of the creation of a Security Center of Excellence is of strategic importance to our business. Over the months we have been working together we have formed a very close partnership, and we are able to trust COE Security to deliver the ideas and solutions we need.


        – Mike Hawk, CIO, Telecommunication Giant"



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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer