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Importance of Mobile Security

Over the last 10 years, the use of mobile devices in the enterprise has exploded. The arrival of lightweight laptops and powerful smart phones in recent years has only accelerated the trend, giving everyone the ability to be even more productive when out of the office.

That proliferation of mobile devices may do wonders for productivity, but it can give IT managers and security professionals a host of new problems to deal with. Not only do all these devices need to be secured against unauthorized use, but they also need to be safeguarded against the loss/theft of the device itself.


Mobile Security Facts:

Technology is advancing whereby people can continue working, receive and process information any time any place. However, many IT organizations struggle to understand this dramatic shift and how to safely and securely incorporate mobile technology into their environments and daily activities.

A recent survey conducted by Ovum seems to confirm that concern. According to Ovum's research, roughly 50 percent of organizations don't require any sort of authentication for mobile device users; of those that do, only 62 percent rely on simple password protection. And only nine percent of all enterprises that authenticate mobile users actually employ two-factor authentication. Those are startling statistics that pose real risks for enterprises that take mobile security lightly.

For instance, how do you minimize security risk, but still say "Yes" when top executives want to access corporate email, business applications and data on their new tablets? What's the best way to handle the growing diversity of mobile platforms and applications being introduced? How do you support new, creative applications to reach customers? How do those applications access and interact with your established network? How do you protect data as it moves even further outside the network perimeter?


COE Mitigation Strategy for Business Data

COE Security helps organizations safely embrace the full reach and opportunity of mobile devices and applications through our Mobility Security Services and Solutions.


Business risk remediation program, a real cost effective solution

COE Security can help you answer the tough questions and guide you on your journey to deliver on the massive opportunity that mobile computing represents. Through our Mobility Security Services and Solutions, we can deliver a solution tailored to your needs using proven methodologies that increase your efficiency and raise the security of your activities in the mobile arena:

• Mobile Security Strategy and Roadmap Consulting: Plan for your large mobile deployment from beginning to end through our comprehensive evaluation of your use, the risks you may encounter, and the controls you need. Define high-level policies for controlling and monitoring risk associated with mobile devices and applications. Establish a governance framework for data compliance that encompasses mobile platforms. Integrate mobile security considerations into your overall security program.

• Mobile Device Security Assessment: Determine the risks to your organization from using mobile devices. Evaluate mobile security policies and administrative controls and test their design and implementation. In addition, ensure mobile devices meet compliance mandates applicable to your organization.

• Mobile Device Use Risk Assessment: This service examines a specific mobile device use case to assess security and compliance risk to an organization.

• Mobile Application Security Assessment: Evaluate and test your mobile application for security flaws and exposures, from the client mobile device to your backend systems. Assess operating system design and security differences among the various mobile platforms, and how private data flows from the application to the server. Simulate a determined attacker seeking to penetrate your organization via vulnerabilities in mobile applications. Identify weaknesses, evaluate their true business impact and understand how to mitigate them in the future.

• Incident Response and Forensic Investigation: Access expert security forensic analysis quickly to review and determine if your network has been breached and exploited by hackers through your existing your mobile devices and applications. Identify and analyze the threat, how the threat penetrated your networks and what you need to do to reduce exposure in the future.

These services can also be provided as part of larger security engagements where mobile devices or applications are in scope. If mobility is a key part of your IT strategy, we highly recommend including your mobile assets in any broader security assessment, testing and/or compliance auditing.


Why COE Security:

Assesses security and compliance risk from your end user to your servers
Provides executive-level and detailed reports for targeted communication
Uses a proven and consistent project management methodology.


Project Management Approach:

      "COE Security restructured our existing IT network security and made it more effective and reliable. They demonstrated broad and up-to-date knowledge about IT security solutions, business & network security. As our IT security partner, COE Security provides us with practical, easy to use and highly effective solutions for our daily operations. Their proactive, problem solving approach has really helped us improve our overall service quality level. I'm happy we took them on board!

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer