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Why COE Security?
We follow a risk based approach grounded both in systems architectural reality and attacker's mindset. Our detailed understanding of the security issues and comprehensive testing services coupled with a team consisting of Certified Security Professionals, having hands-on experience in the latest security testing methodologies, enable us to provide a service that lends integrity and security to an enterprise's valuable information.
My product/application is already certified as "secure" by a reputed vendor. Why should I take this service then?
Getting a security certification doesn't mean you are completely secure, as your products can be poisoned at any stage of the supply chain. This tampering can be done by competitors, disgruntled employees, anti-social elements or even Government organizations.

This service lends an extra bit of effort to bolster the security within your product and in turn, enable you to win customer confidence and trust.
I've never had any problem with my products/Enterprise mobile devices. Do I still need this service?
Threats change with changing circumstances. A secure past does not guarantee a secure future. Therefore, in the light of changing threat perceptions, it is always good practice to assess the products/mobile devices at regular intervals in order to keep the organization free from threats and associated risks.
What is Vulnerability Assessment?
Most organizations actually want or need a vulnerability assessment (VA) even though many confuse it with another term, namely penetration testing. Vulnerability assessment involves the process of identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities in networks and systems. Such vulnerabilities represent potential risks to an organization's critical IT systems that may be exploited by a variety of security threats. Vulnerability assessment focuses on a broad review, i.e. the objective is to identify as many issues as possible. This type of service should be tapped by organizations who already know they have many issues and simply need assistance in identifying and prioritizing them.
What is Penetration Testing?
Penetration testing (or simply "pen test") is a method of assessing the security of a network or computer system by simulating an attack by a hacker. The process will typically involve an active analysis of the system for any weaknesses, technical flaws or vulnerabilities. As it is done in the context of a malicious hacker, penetration testing usually involves the active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing focuses on depth as opposed to a broad front approach. Its goal is to try to find ways for the security framework to fail instead of discovering all possible vulnerabilities and associated risks.
What are white box and/or black box testing?
White box testing refers to situations wherein the testers (or assessors) are provided by the client organization with more or less complete knowledge of the organization's IT infrastructure prior to an assessment or testing. The information provided includes network diagrams, IP addressing information, system information, documentation, source code (if applicable), etc. In contrast to this, black box testing assumes no prior knowledge of the infrastructure or environment to be tested. The testers or assessors must therefore determine whatever information may be needed prior to commencing an assessment and analysis. This stage of black box testing can often be time consuming. One supposed advantage of black box testing is that it closely simulates the actions of real hackers. On the other hand, the information gathering stage of black box testing can be time consuming and a more efficient (and less time consuming) approach is to assume that a potential hacker already knows all of the required information then proceed with the white box testing approach. In general, penetration testing is black box approach. On the other hand, vulnerability assessment can be done either via white box or black box testing
What is Computer Forensics?
Computer forensics, also known as digital forensics, is the practice of identifying, collecting, preserving and analyzing legal evidence from digital media such as computer hard disk drives. Since digital evidence is both fragile and volatile, it requires the attention of a certified specialist to ensure that materials of evidentiary value are effectively isolated and extracted in a scientific manner to withstand the scrutiny of the legal system. The goal of computer forensics is to explain the current state of a digital artifact. These can include a computer system, storage medium (such as a hard disk or CD-ROM), an electronic document (e.g. an email message or JPEG image) or even a sequence of packets moving over a computer network.
When does a situation require an Incident Response investigation?
If you think your computer or network has been compromised or that time sensitive data may be lost, you should waste no time in seeking professional computer forensic assistance. Computer-based evidence is fragile and data can be erased or changed permanently with a simple keystroke or over a period of time. This can happen without a trace, making an incident response investigator's job to find the truth much more difficult. The objective of an incident response investigation is to ensure that all evidence is collected and preserved in a secure and forensically sound manner.
How does data and identity theft affect my organization?
An unpleasant fact is that most company information-protection measures are compliance-focused and inadequate against today's sophisticated threats. Simply stated, compliance is merely the minimum level of information protection needed. Our experience in conducting security assessments for clients has shown that, across industries, even those who follow compliance standards or have information-protection policies in place are still at risk of data and identity theft.
What kind of deliverables do you provide?
COE Security's Product Security Testing service is a systematic and phase-wise approach for assessing the security competence of a product. At each phase, we gain insights into the product's working and any associated threats.

This enables us to provide a comprehensive report of all the existing as well as potential risks to the product. Recommendations and suggestions are also made for future protection and safeguards for the enterprise's valuable information.
What support can I expect if I need help in fixing the holes?
You can expect all the support you need and deserve. Our reports are detailed and enable you to quickly implement the solutions on your own. However, if you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with our engineers. Every test that we do comes with unlimited email support for a year.
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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer