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Importance of Cyber Data Theft Prevention

Information theft has led to the compromise of intellectual property, credit card information, electronic funds, identity theft, and a host of other negative consequences. Electronic theft or cyber-crime affects individuals, corporations and government entities. Breaches are routinely perpetrated by, ill intended employees, ex-employees, organized crime groups, and foreign government sponsored espionage groups.

While government mandates are driving organizations to address compliance initiatives, the security of many data assets has seen limited improvement. Many organizations are struggling quietly having been victimized by information theft and are seeking to understand the potential consequences and methods to recovery. Information Defense helps organizations to identify threats to intellectual property and sensitive data assets along with the necessary measures to prepare for, prevent, and respond to cyber-crime and data theft.


Cyber Data Theft Facts:

Today's cyber criminals are increasingly adept at gaining undetected access and maintaining a persistent, low-profile, long-term presence in IT environments. Meanwhile, many organizations may be leaving themselves vulnerable to cyber-crime based on a false sense of security, perhaps even complacency, driven by non-agile security tools and processes. Many are failing to recognize cyber-crimes in their IT environments and misallocating limited resources to lesser threats.


Risk mitigation Strategy for business Data

We assist organizations to:

• Secure data environments through technical measures
• Build "Data Protection Analysis Centers"
• Create policies and implement them to combat against sensitive data theft.
• Validate, Identify and Report "Unknown Dangerous Data Sniffing Programs"
• Train your organization in Secure Data Handling Methodologies.
• Secure data through improved information security process and procedures
• Respond to and recover from information security breaches
• Build incident response and data forensic teams
• Model and measure risk to information assets and intellectual property
• Address compliance initiatives such as PCI, Red Flags Rule and others.

Why COE Security:
As a provider of leading-edge Cyber Security services, our power lies in the quality of our people. While there are myriad companies offering Cyber Security services, we strongly believe that our talent-basis unequaled in both functional expertise as well as experience. A summary of our core differentiators is as follows

Unparalleled access to Cyber Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Unbiased/Objective Service Provider

In-depth understanding of the Intelligence Community and affiliated agencies/organizations

Access to a Secure Virtual Network Infrastructure that allows rapid testing/validation of Cyber products


Project Management Approach:

      "We used the software development capabilities of COE Security have to redevelop the entire system that runs our in-house systems as well as our website. Our ordering system is faster and more efficient now and we have instant access to all sorts of reports that give us more control over our business. Working with COE Security proved to be very satisfying as they always work very closely with our people and always respond positively to our sometimes complicated demands. Altogether COE Security has done a great job with our new system and working with them has always been a pleasure."

Marc Hagelauer
Managing Director

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer