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COE Security is a recognized leader in setting the standard for high-quality, standards-based security solutions. COE Security is the only pure play and intellectual property (IP) company in Enterprise Threat Management, Security consulting & security training company in the information security space. Add to this our emerging presence as a automated web application vulnerability remediation solutions that is uniquely positioned for success in today's marketplace.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a leading security consulting and information integrity solution provider in the world. To accomplish this leadership position in the verticals:viz. financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, utilities, insurance, government, education and technology etc; we offer cutting edge information security consulting along with certification services, is our mission.

COE Security has been growing at more than 100% in both topline and bottomline and aims to sustain this growth rate further and then build over it in the coming years.

Values & Proposition

COE Security's ultimate goal has always been to maintain its client's by securing, managing, handling and tracking the information security posture.

Company Overview

COE Security is an independent company founded in early 2000 and expertise's in providing cutting edge security services with a vision to safeguard Information/ enterprise data integrity and ensure security in line with compliance and standards.

Our top notch services and solutions are made possible by our adherence to strict security standards and practices both external and internal.

Our Research Labs

We have a well equipped research lab that continuously strives to innovate new technologies and techniques, solutions in combating today's sophisticated information threats. Further, COE Security has various solutions that are awaiting patent approvals. The lab constantly updates itself with the latest threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, attacks, etc and finds a robust solution to counter them.

Our Approach

We adopt a pragmatic approach which not only provides solutions for the today's needs but also safeguards future information security requirements thereby strengthening the business information Confidentiality Integrity and Availability.

Our Team

Our team consists of people equipped with innovative thinking backed by knowledge and research in various leading technologies. People with over a decade of industry-wide experience, who have assessed over a hundred projects in different sectors like Government, Pharma, Independent Software Vendors, BPOs, Intellectual Property Units, Airlines, ISP's, Service Industries, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing Units, Ecommerce companies, Gaming companies etc... are a part of our team.

Projects ranged from Moblie Security, Cloud Security, Enterprise Threat Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Malicious Packet Analysis, Compliance, Application Security Assessments, Computer Forensics and Secure Source Code auditing.

      "COE Security audited our IT system and gave very interesting insights. They were clear on the sensitivity of our organization's information from the start and were thorough in auditing our systems. Their after-sales service is great and proved to be very useful to our IT team. Best of all, their solution to our problems did not bind us to their services, but encourages us to fix any problem we can on our own while they consulted us. This looks like a long-term relationship."

Nant Thananan
Project Manager

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer