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Importance of Cloud Security:

Cloud computing represents a significant shift in how we use information technology. Storage space for digital files, processing power and services and software are abstracted away from the user's own computing device to servers accessed through the Internet. Google's online office software, the new Amazon cloud player, and photo gallery tools such as Flickr are examples of cloud services. Users can work with and use their data on multiple devices and networks from almost any location either for free or by paying a service provider for access.


Cloud Security Facts:

The team cites International Data Corporation who analyzed the worldwide forecast for cloud service in 2009 as being of the order of $17.4bn and estimating revenues for 2013 as potentially amounting to $44.2bn; the European market range from $971m in 2008 to $6,005m in 2013. In terms of blue skies thinking, the future is almost certainly cloudy. With this in mind, availability, manageability and monitoring, data protection, scalability and adaptability, privacy and security are all issues that must be addressed urgently. The current security and privacy models based on the networked desktop paradigm as opposed to cloud-connected "dumb" computers


Risk Mitigation Strategy for business data on cloud

COE Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions enable VMware security-policy implementation and management, security and compliance measurement, issue remediation, and reporting. Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions help organizations rationalize compliance requirements, controls, standards, and best practices into centralized security policies administered consistently across virtual and physical infrastructures. Additionally, IT and security operations teams can cooperate to manage compliance to security policies, streamlining processes and reducing administrative costs.


Business risk remediation program, a real cost effective solution

With COE Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions, organizations can control security and compliance across physical and virtual infrastructures—building the foundation for cloud computing.


• Security Policy Implementation and Management - Apply the industry's most comprehensive library of policies, control standards, procedures, and assessments mapped to current global regulations and industry guidelines to ensure compliance.

• Security Compliance Workflow - Distribute security policies and control procedures to appropriate administrators for both physical and virtual Infrastructures and track their implementation from a single dashboard. By automating and centralizing policy management across physical and virtual resources and between IT and security operations, organizations can improve efficiency and accuracy.

• Security Compliance Measurement - Automate the discovery of VMware devices and constantly assess whether VMware security controls remain correctly implemented.

• Security Compliance Remediation - Monitor mis configurations and policy violations related to security controls across the virtual infrastructure and remediate them via Archer-managed work queues assigned to device owners.

• Security and Compliance Reporting - View security intelligence, business and regulatory impact, and issue remediation across physical and virtual resources from a centralized, customizable dashboard.

• Monitoring Security Events - Collect and analyze log data and alerts on security events generated from virtual and physical resources, and prepare and report events.


Why COE Security:

As a leading provider of information security services, COE Security can help organizations deliver Cloud-based services securely and satisfy the compliance requirements of their customers. Whether you are building a Cloud environment from the ground up or simply building on top of existing Cloud services, COE Security can provide you with expert guidance and critical security controls to protect your infrastructure, applications and data.


Project Management Approach:

      The support staff is great and they offer excellence solutions and a high level of advice for any problem. What I appreciate is that t 'They've taken away the worries for IT systems. The support staff is great and they offer excellence solutions and a high level of advice for any problem. What I appreciate is that they take ownership of their clients. No matter what time is, there is always someone there. That's very reassuring.'

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer