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Customer Industry: Business

Service Offered: Pre Deployment Product Security Testing

Goal: To assess the robustness of a new firewall product that the client intends to deploy in their organization.

Client Profile

The client is a leading management consultancy firm with operations in over 40 countries. Their activities include auditing, management consultancy and advertising. They cater to the who's who of the corporate world and are, at any given point in time, in possession of confidential financial and business information of their customers.


Given that the client is in possession of sensitive information at all times and given the growing risk perception in terms of corporate espionage, the client decided to deploy a new and updated firewall into their enterprise. But, there was always a chance that the new firewall, though from a reputed vendor, has some security loopholes which could compromise the information integrity of the client. They couldn't take that chance. Therefore they requested a comprehensive security check on the product before deployment into their organization.

This client selected COE Security for being the exclusive and competent solution provider in the Product Security Testing space.

COE Security, on its part, has imbibed the COE Security's research backed Pre Deployment Product Security Testing Lifecycle into the client's enterprise. COE Security performed a thorough security assessment on the firewall and identified a few issues.

    The firewall had an executable sniffer code inside that was disguised as a     packet tracker. This program had the capability to sniff packets on the sly and     transfer them to a remote location.

    Upon investigation it was found that this code was injected during the transit     of the product from the vendor to the reseller. This is a reassertion of the fact     that security assessment of any product has to be undertaken at every stage of the supply chain in order to guarantee a pristine product in the hands of the end user.

A detailed and comprehensive report was furnished to the client with the above findings and also other such revelations. Suggestions and recommendations were also made to enable the client in protecting against future threats and related    risks.


COE Security's revelations have enabled the client in saving huge sums of money in compensations and losses. After this, they get every product thoroughly checked by COE Security before deployment into their organization.

      'Our relationship with COE Security has been a close and productive one. Their senior executives have related to us as if we were partners in their business and we appreciate that.'

           Jim Fowler
Managing Director

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A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer

A code-level security review of applications can validate the strength of your application security at the lowest layer